LED Shop Lights

Due to the negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions and rising electricity prices, a lot of businesses have shifted to environment-friendly and energy-efficient lighting solutions. In this regard, LED lights are the most popular solutions.

LED lights are known for their less consumption of energy, increased light output, less maintenance, and many other advantages. A lot of businesses, institutions, and organizations use these lights in order to evenly light up their spaces and save money on electricity bills.

This is why if you too own a business or shop with a big indoor space, then you should also install LED lights in it. These lights will brighten up your manufacturing unit, factory, warehouse, department store, gymnasium, or any other business. Our LED shop lights are quite powerful with high light output for big rooms with high ceilings. These lights can be mounted on the ceiling using pendants, hooks, chains, or even directly.

However, LED fixtures come in a wide range of designs and shapes. This makes it quite tricky to pick the best high bay fixtures. Therefore, we have jotted down this blog post that can make this process of choosing the best high bay lights simpler for you.

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Benefits of LED light fixtures for shops

There are several advantages of installing LED lights in your shop. Some of the main ones include:


Initially, LED lights were quite costly when they entered the market, which made it difficult for the majority of people to afford them. However, with time, they became affordable for everyone, just like other lights. Plus, you can get discounts on LED lights when you buy them from us, which will further make them more inexpensive for you.

Better aesthetics

LED lights give out beautiful, white light. They demonstrate objects in their real colors, which enhances the aesthetics of a commercial space. This attracts more customers and instills the feeling of safety in them.

Less energy consumption

LED lights consume less electricity and still provide enough brightness for the room. They consume a small number of watts in order to generate high lumen output, which is why they help in reducing your electricity bill. On the other hand, fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights consume a large number of watts. LED fixtures can further save your energy costs when you use them with lighting controls.

Less maintenance

The average life of a LED light fixture is 50,000 hours, which is over 10 years. Contrarily, HID and fluorescent bulbs have a short life and require replacement frequently. Moreover, high bay lights are generally installed at high points, which further costs more money during replacements. When you install LED lights, you can forget about such high maintenance costs as they have a long life and don’t require replacement so often.

Safe and harmless

LED bulbs are quite safe as compared to fluorescent and HID fixtures. This is because fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which means you need to safely dispose of them and HID bulbs emit too much heat, which makes them inappropriate for commercial spaces containing textiles and food.

What to do before buying shop lights?

Follow these tips before you buy high bay lights for your shop:

  1. Design a layout

You need to first make a layout before you buy LED lights for your commercial space. The reason behind this is different spaces require different types of high bay lights. For example, a warehouse requires 500 lux light for doing the work and a storage facility might only require 300 lux light. Moreover, retail shops require bright light, 800 lux or above, so that customers can clearly see whatever they are purchasing. Therefore, you must first be aware of how much light is required in every room.

  1. Know the number of lumens and watts you require

While buying LED high bay lights, you must pay attention to the lumens, along with watts. Lumens are the total amount of visible light that a light source generates. With advanced LED technology, you can now get LED fixtures that generate more lumens while using less number of watts.

Lumens inform you about the brightness of a bulb and watts inform you about the electricity consumed by a light source. Generally, two lumens are good when you require normal light in a cubic foot space and three lumens are good when you require bright light in a cubic foot space.

Moreover, when buying LED high bay lights, you must consider the place where they will be mounted as different heights require different watts. For instance:

  • Lights installed at a height of 10 to 15 feet require lights that generate 10,000 to 15,000 lumens
  • Lights installed at a height of 15 to 20 feet require lights that generate 16,000 to 20,000 lumens
  • Lights installed at a height of 25 to 35 feet require lights that generate 33,000 lumens
  1. Spacing between the lights

When you are redesigning the lighting system or mounting high bay lights in a new space, you need to pay attention to the light spacing. Below are some guidelines that will help you figure out the best light spacing:

  • Lights installed 15 feet high require 12 feet spacing for bright light and 15 feet spacing for normal light
  • Lights installed 20 feet high require 15 feet spacing for bright light and 18 feet spacing for normal light
  • Lights installed 30 feet high require 20 feet spacing for bright light and 25 feet spacing for normal light
  1. The number of fixtures required

After you know the spacing you need between the lights for sufficient lighting, you can think about the number of LED fixtures you require. You can take the help of a lighting designer in order to determine the number of lights and the best spacing between the lights for a well-lit space.

  1. The right type of high bay fixtures

High bay lights are available in different types and designs, including round lights that are called UFO high bays and long and big lights that are called linear high bays. Plus, you can modernize your current light fixtures by replacing them with LED lights. UFO high bays are ideal for high ceilings, though they must be suspended at a height of 15 feet or more so that they can effectively spread the light. Linear high bays are also ideal for big spaces that have high ceilings, such as large stores. And, wide angled linear high bays are ideal for lower ceilings.

All these points will help you in purchasing LED lights for your shop and avoiding any last-minute issues. For professional guidance, you can give us a call!



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